Three Things All DJ's Should Know

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    Are you interested in being a DJ? If so I want you to read every single word of the article as the information I am sharing could mean the difference between success and failure.In fact I am going to cover three points that all DJ's should know to make it.1) Learn to mix - After many years as a DJ I am staggered at the number of my colleagues who cannot beat match music. This is an essential skill as it will not only enable you to spice up your sets but will also create continuity which audiences love. Learning is easy once you have a set of decks mulberry outlet uk, in fact you can even learn by watching online videos on YouTube. For example I just did a quick search on YouTube and discovered a whole series of lessons by a DJ called Bolivia.2) Buy Quality Equipment - As technology moves on there are now three basic platforms that a DJ can use to operate from. These are Vinyl (old fashioned records) mulberry sale, CDs and also Digital. What ever option you go for I want to encourage you to use the best equipment in that arena. For example I use Pioneer CDJ 400 decks to play both MP3's and also CD's. The reason I chose them is because they are proven to be the best. This not only improves your credibility amongst your peers but you can guarantee that cheap equipment will fail more easily and will simply lack the functionality that can turn a good set into an outstanding one.3) Know Your Music - There is a difference between liking music and knowing it. By knowing your music you will be able to work out high standard playlists and also be ready for any situation. So if you like dance music make sure you take time to listen in depth to all the tracks in your collection. Get to know the BPM (beats per minute) of each track and where what I like to call mix points (these are breaks in the track) kick in. I actually group my music by genre but also in to little pre-set mix groups. This is where I have found several tracks that mix really well together.As a DJ who is constantly in demand to play mulberry outlet, I am confident that all of the above advice is both tried and tested. It just remains for me to wish you all the success and joy in your music career.
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