First time in Lviv - advice needed

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  1. Vytautas

    Vytautas New Member

    Hello everyone,
    my name is Vytautas, I am planning to visit Lviv this summer. It would be my first time in Ukraine and Lviv, so I do need some advice.
    1) Phone. Since roaming is expensive, I plan to buy prepaid Ukraine operator SIM card. Question: which operator to choose so that it is cheap to call in Ukraine and abroad (Lithuania) and also has good coverage?
    2) Currency exchange. Where is it better to exchange, banks or some other offices? And is there any round-the-clock currency exchange in Lviv airport?
    3) Taxi. I will need some reliable and normaly priced taxi to get me from my house to airport. What taxi would you reccomend?
  2. muravey

    muravey Well-Known Member

    1) All operators have different prepaid propositions for cheap calls. I reommend Kyivstar as the best coverage and service operator with many offices at the city center.
    2) Try to avoid private exchange points and make it at the bank offices. Dont make it at the night and sure no one follows you when you're leaving bank office.
    3) Use UBER =)
  3. manur

    manur Well-Known Member

    А я -
  4. Vytautas

    Vytautas New Member

    Thanks for the answers. Is there any real differences between Kyivstar and Lifecell? Is ID (passport) required when purchasing prepaid SIM?
    Taxi: if not Uber - what companies would you reccomend to get from/to city center-airport?
    As far as I googled - I presume, there is no public transportation (tram, bus...) at midnight from airport to city center?
а де твій аватар? :)